HTTP Status Code Checker

HTTP Status Code Checker is a tool used to check the HTTP status code returned by the server when an HTTP request is sent to a website. Each HTTP request sent to a web server generates an HTTP status code which is sent back to the requesting web browser. The HTTP status code provides information about the success or failure of the request.

To use HTTP Status Code Checker, one only needs to enter the URL of the web page one wants to check, and the tool will display the HTTP status code returned by the server. Some common HTTP status codes include "200 OK", which indicates that the request was successful and the web page was found, "404 Not Found", which indicates that the requested web page could not be found, and "500 Internal Server Error", which indicates that an server error.

This tool is useful for web developers and system administrators to check if a web page is working properly and determine the problem related to the server or network. By using this tool, one can fix problems with web pages and ensure that their website runs properly and provides the best experience for users.


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