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Try out careers by following professionals in their natural habitat.

What's it like to be a financial planner? Or a software engineer? Interested in working in marketing? Awesome! Before deciding on a career path, go into the real world and actually experience numerous careers by job shadowing.

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Experience a day-in-the-life of a career by following a professional throughout their day.

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Betagig is an amazing service for anyone looking to explore different career avenues. As a recent college graduate, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. Having majored in Communications Studies in college, my career path was uncharted and uncertain. This is where Betagig came in. Using Betagig’s job shadowing service, I was able to explore a career in marketing, which was something I had always thought about but never had the opportunity to explore. The experience overall was amazing and I was able to gain an inside look into the industry while also asking questions and interacting with others in the field. I highly recommend this service to anyone and will definitely be using this service in the future!

Carolyn - recent CSUN graduate

I've always been really confused about my career, even after graduating from college I wasn't very sure about any career that I liked,I was good at and paid well. That was until I found Betagig where I could actually try out different careers by following professionals for a day and experiencing for myself how a day in the life of a financial planner/CEO feels like. It's given me exactly the perspective that I need to choose where I want to build my career and how. Thanks so much Nicki & team,it was truly a life changing experience! Betagig is a savior for all students/graduates who are confused about what to do after school!

recent University of Mumbai graduate - Meghna

Thank you Betagig! They set me up to shadow a software developer for a day. I got to see what a day of a being a programmer entails and I also learned some new things. It was really fun to see someone that built a feature that many people will use. I will definitely use Betagig again!

Guan - Sabio Coding Bootcamp graduate

I had the privilege to job shadow a potential career in municipal politics under the guidance of a legislative deputy at LA City Hall. I spent the day following her footsteps on everyday tasks and jobs. I was fortunate enough to attend a press conference with the mayor on the Orlando shootings, meet with one of the councilmembers for a bit, and spend the rest of the day at a city council meeting with the public. We spent the majority of our time sharing an honest discussion on every positive and negative aspect of her career, so that I could get a realistic and encompassing view of her profession. I learned the importance of knowing the gossip around city hall, and saw for myself in quite a literal sense, the "backroom politics" behind every bill. This experience also showed me the little things that never occurred to me when I personally imagined a political career. I learned more in those few hours of the true inner workings of big city politics than any classroom or online forum could ever teach me, and for that experience and knowledge, I am truly thankful for Betagig.

Senior at UCSB - Cameron

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